Recent Publications

In recent years, open science practices have become increasingly popular in psychology and related sciences. These practices aim to …

Recent discussions within the mathematical psychology community have focused on how Open Science practices may apply to cognitive …

Whilst some scientists study insects, molecules, brains, or clouds, other scientists study science itself. Meta-research, or …

The open science movement is rapidly changing the scientific landscape. Because exact definitions are often lacking and reforms are …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Conference presentation at the 2022 PSA Meeting.

Conference presentation at the 2022 ENPOSS Conference.

Conference presentation at GWP.2022.

Conference presentation at the BSPS 2022 Annual Conference.

Presentation and panel discussion at the NIH/NINDS Workshop on Catalyzing Communities of Research Rigor Champions.

Poster Presentation at PSA 2020/21.

Symposium organised by Leo Tiokhin and Noah van Dongen.